Thermal Sensor

Realtime Premises Monitoring & Automation

The reality is businesses can no longer be passive in monitoring their premises for the continuous threats faced today.  It is now essential to deploy secure and reliable monitoring and automation that maintains constant surveillance, monitoring, and automation dispatch of proper response when required.


Constant Oversight

Maintaining secure points of entry and continuously monitoring their current state is essential to any facility plan.  Our solutions are open source and open hardware, easily self maintained by IT and facilities staff, and can be expanded upon without major re-investment as your facility requirements grow.

Open Stairwell

Customer Safety

Knowing when and where events are taking place in real time that compromise the security of your staff and customers is key to managing response.

Site Analysis

Our facility planning engineers will analyze your physical space and patterns of usage to come forward with a plan an options to meet your specific needs.

Snap Into Place Integration

We provide solutions based on readily available components have full manufacturer warranty, and can be field replaced by our engineering staff (or you own following our AddRite integration guides) to maintain up-time / availability of your solution.

World Class Support

Our team of site engineers, technicians and support specialists work with you when needed to get your solution in place, and keep it running after we have left.  We have online training for field replacement of components and updating you deployment as your needs grow.